Saturday, February 5, 2011

status: married

it's barely a month but i'm loving it! ♥ 
i look forward to every day spent with my hubby! the everyday dates, kisses, cuddles, hugs, sweet nothings and a whole lot more!

first week after the wedding was still busy. dahil may bago ng occupant ang room ni artie, that was the first on our list!

  • naglipat ako ng stuff from santarosa to mandaluyong. mostly shoes and office clothes. and even upto now, i'm not done with paghahakot! Ü 
  • hubby and i bought a new queen-sized bed. kahit anung pagsisirko gawin namin, malaki pa ang space! =D
  • i have a new big pink cabinet. big enough for all my stuff and soon-to-be stuff! i plan to get rid of old clothes and do a shopping spreeeeeeee!!!! 

sabay kami going to work and kung masasabayan ko din sya pag-uwi, i wait for him. Ü
sometimes we eat out. or punta muna somewhere before going home. 

one thing i've noticed is that kain ako ng kain! 
si mommy thelma palagi ako pinagbabaon ng breakfast sa office. kahit na ilang beses kong sabihin na coffee lang talaga ako sa umaga, pinagbabaon pa din ako. hehehe. and this i find so sweet! Ü ang hirap din magcontrol ng cravings! in my new home, when i crave for something...pwede talagang masunud!
mr and mrs!