Friday, January 14, 2011

Wedding Bells!

I'm getting married in two days!!! How time flies....I can still remember getting engaged on April 21,2009 only 9 months after Artie and I went steady. Hehehe. Masyado yatang tinamaan sa akin, binakuran na ako at nagsiguro na. I feel so lucky that someone wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. That someone has accepted the real me. Be it good or bad. And I am lucky and uberly happy that God has answered my prayer in my search for a lifetime partner. 
For the past week, friends have asked me kung ano daw ang feeling ng ikakasal. I always say "kinakabahan, excited, stressed...mixed emotions!" And upto now ganun pa din ang nafifeel ko. 
Kinakabahan kasi hangga't hindi natatapos ang ceremony and reception, hindi ako mapapakali. Ü Syempre gusto ko maging smooth flowing ang lahat. Or worry freak lang talaga ako? 
Excited kasi ang tagal naming hinintay ni Artie 'to. I'm excited to see all our dear friends and relatives on our special day. Excited to hear the orchestra play our songs. Excited to see the flowers! Excited to see Artie in his barong. Excited to spend day 1 as his wife. Excited to be officially a member of the Delos Santos clan.
Stressed. Akala ko makakaligtas ako sa sinasabi nilang nakakastress magplan ng wedding. I never felt stressed until a month before the wedding. Ang mga suppliers nabuhay at nangulit lahat! Ü Buti na lang, lahat sila cooperative and madaling kausap. I just hope tuluy tuloy ang ganitong harmonious relationship nila sa isa't isa hanggang sa matapos ang wedding. Hehehe. 
Mixed emotions. Happy that I will be facing a new chapter in my life, as a wife and a future Mom??? In God's time, magkakaroon din kami ng Little Ann and Little Artie. Ü. Sad knowing that I have to leave my family here in Santarosa. Super mamimiss ko si Mom, Dad, bunsoy, Ate and Maxmax.... =(  Kailangan ko pa mag-empake ng buong husay! 
And I need to get that pampering by tomorrow!
Good sleep. Beauty rest.

I think all is set na! 
I'm ready to be Mrs. Paul Delos Santos!

Wedding Expo we attended in Megamall on 01Aug

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Bridal Shower

Thanks to sister dear for making this happen. Mahirap akong i-surprise kaya I know that I'll be having a shower on the 8th. But I still was surprised as to the venue and the girlfriends who came! Achie, Avee, Tina, Beegee, Mela, Rozie, Carla and Whella. ♥ Just the thought of them attending the shower means so so much na! I know they are busy too!
with the happy and lovely bunch! 
The Party -  If only I wasn't paos, I would have sung birit songs. Hehehe. Loved the idea of having the shower party at RedBox Greenbelt. Us feasted on their sumptuous buffet. While others sang, I had some chitchat with the girls. I miss bonding time with these girls especially my highschool barkada Whella and Carla! I really do hope we can meet up again and just make kwentuhan. 
missed these two so much! bitin ang kwentuhan.
The Gifts - ay samu't sari. from kinky and naughty, to practical and useful. Hehehe!
his and hers towel


a girl's bestfriend. PH care. hehehe.

kinky nice!
The Notes - since I'm one sentimental person, this part I love! Ate, the dear hostess, requested the girls to write their messages/advice/tips for me. These notes I will read a night before my wedding pa. Ate will put it in a nice jar daw muna. Ooooh...I'm excited to get hold of this jar! ♥

wanna read na!
Fun and lovely party! Thank you to my fwends who came! And Ate for making this possible! You're the best! Mwah mwah!
thank you for coming!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Horoscope - Pisces

Pisces (Feb 19- Mar 20)

Pisces yearly horoscopes 2011
2011 is a two-sided coin for Pisces! Looking ahead to the Pisces 2011 yearly horoscope, there will be major success when it comes to all matters not related to interpersonal relationships. Career, money and the desire to learn and grow will shape the first half of the year. The latter part of the Pisces 2011 yearly horoscope will require the effort and energy that got you to this place to begin with, but that’s okay. Pisces has never been afraid of hard work.
When it comes to interpersonal relationships, Pisces 2011 will offer a bit more of a challenge. Many issues will require you to take the time to understand issues and resolve them. The good news is that you are up to the challenge. Sensitive and known to struggle, Pisces will welcome the peace brought on by 2011.

Pisces 2011 Career and Income Horoscope

Your hard work has finally paid off, as you will surely see in your Pisces 2011 yearly horoscope . In the earlier part of the year, you will most likely see dividends on the effort you put forth from 2010. If you haven’t been laying any groundwork whatsoever, it doesn’t matter much. Luck is with you and in the earlier part of the year, it will feel like you just can’t lose. Everything’s falling into place and, in those moments where you think all if lost, something even better is in the works. Take advantage of this flourishing time in the first quarter of your Pisces 2011 yearly horoscope because after March, career and money will become a much more complex issue. Get ready to work harder because that lucky streak of big rewards with little effort will come to an end.

Pisces 2011 Love, Family and Social life Horoscope

As for family and friends, things are good. It will be a steady beginnning of comfort and familiarity but watch your step. In July, a certain relationship will get a little rocky. Use this time as a period to reevaluate. Is your friendship or relationship giving you what you need? If the answer is yes, then you need to take a look at what you’re giving in return. Problems are coming from somewhere. Take time to get to the root of the issue and work through it. Although there will be room for misunderstanding until September or October, it’s important to invest a little TLC where it matters. If things get rocky, listen to this Pisces 2011 yearly horoscope and make your relationships count.

Pisces 2011 Education and Traveling Horoscope

Full of vitality, you welcome all that life has to offer you in terms of education. After all, it was learning how to excel that brought you success in the first place. Your interest in learning will get stronger at the midpoint in the year, whereas the desire to travel will make sense during the stable and successful early months of Pisces 2011.

Pisces 2011 Health Horoscope

It’s easy to feel good when life is going so well! After all the work you’ve done, you deserve rewards. But don’t let up. Health has a way of sneaking away from you if you stop putting in the time. In spite of the success you will experience at the beginning of the year, maintain moderation in all things. This will keep you out of your head and fight off the indecision you are often prone to. So, get out there and go for it, Pisces 2011!