Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bloggie Challenge - Last Day (Photo Today + 3 Good things that have happened within the past 30 days)

Yours truly. Ü
This bloggie challenge is fun fun fun! May mga challenges na nilu-look forward, meron din boring, meron ding dine-dread. Ü Because of this challenge, napadalas ang pag-open ko ng Blogger and somehow, it has been a routine that I'll check each of YA's blog everyday. Ü 

3 Good Things That Have Happened in the Past 30 Days: 
1. my vacation leave of 3 weeks - talk about wedding preps, i accomplished A LOT!
2. abundant blessings - more to come please! Ü
3. finished a good read - The HELP by Kathyrn Stockett 

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