Saturday, June 20, 2009

another entry. finally.

it's been a while since i last wrote here. so many things have happened and a lot more things will be happening. could be work related. could be in my personal life.

work wise. i've never been so loaded! now ko lang na-experience na hindi ko natatapos lahat ng TO DOs ko for the day. remaining TO DOs ko on a Monday will still carry over the following day, worst, til end of the week! and i really hate it when i have pending work. i just don't feel that productive lately. kulang ang oras sa office. i hope this passes. and i know naman the reason why, after a long long time, now lang ako nakaramdam ng ganito. i am, technically handling three teams!! i act as primary reliever for my co-manager who is on his core leave, the other one naman, more on "petix" daw as described by one of my staff....and and and - we managers are also doing special callout projects. that is on top of our daily tasks and team management. yung tipong test callouts muna kaming managers, if we think the callout's gonna be successful, tska namin ipapa-callout sa mga agents.'s not that i am complaining. it's just that it is not me to feel this stressed towards work. sabi nga ng boss ko, that's one of my positive points - grace under pressure! Ü i still am thankful na nagiging ganito ako kabusy, kesa idle ako diba? mantra ko na lang? the more busy i am, the more secure i am with my work. Ü

aileen is back from the US! dumating sya 16june pa and she'll be here til early august. we texted and talked na. and we will be having coffee soon. i'm so looking forward! of course, donna's gonna be there. a lot of catching up to do. really can't wait on our out of town soon! we haven't decided yet kung saan. wherever it is, i am sure it's gonna be a blast! just like our previous getaways and escapades. hehe.

and finally. one major change. artie and i decided to move our wedding to an earlier date. from january2011 to march2010! super thank you to eric and ate that they agreed na 2010 na kami magchurch wedding. originally kasi, 2010 talaga kami ni artie. but since ate's staying in Singapore na, nagplan sila ng 2010 wedding din. artie and i decided to have ours on 2011 na lang to give way to ate and eric. but since artie's dad has failing health condition already, we decided to move it to next year na. we wouldn't know what will happen but we would want artie's dad to still be around during our wedding. special request ng dad ni artie na makita nya wedding namin. and makita pa nya magiging apo nya sa amin. pero pero pero, ibang usapan na yun! Ü i'm just happy that so far all is well.
wedding preps soon!!!! we only have 9 months!
goodluck!! Ü

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achiemoon said...

cant wait!!!
first YA wedding!