Sunday, September 21, 2008

meet my team.

i'm sure those who are close and dear to me have already heard me talk about my team at the office. talk, whine, complain, cry and laugh about them. i have been with HSBC for more than six years now and it was only this June that work became as challenging. as manager in sales, i handle a group of ten kids. most of them newly grads, a few just a year or 2 younger than me. and yes, to me they are all still kids. kailangan pa din bantayan at tutukan. kailangan pa din pagalitan at pagsabihan. what makes my work challenging and most of the time stressful? KIDS + STEEP TARGETS = GOODLUCK!!! but then again, i am still lucky. kahit na may mga pasaway sa kanila , isa pa din sila sa mga teams na mababait sa office. sheesh.

EDSEL my seatmate when i was still taking calls as senior associate - i trained and coached him. in my team, i consider him as one of my assets. very fluent in both english and tagalog, conscious sa targets, goal oriented and one of my top agents kaya kahit saang project pwede ko syang i-assign. syempre pah, ako nagtrain, kanino pa ba magmamana? hehe. sya din yung nagshare sa'kin nung "the secret" he has a very positive outlook in life. madami na din sya recognition sa office kasi hindi sya nauubusan ng ideas and suggestions on how to further improve process flows. you'll never hear him complain. even if he did, nakasmile pa din sya. may tendency lang sya na magspeech. simpleng explanation humahaba. kaya pag may team meetings kami, if he has to say something, tina-timingan na namin. hehe.

NERI boys in the office call her "vavavoom". makita lang nila si neri na nakaskirt, kumpleto na daw araw nila. i agree, she has a voluptuous body. you'll think she's maarte, gimikera and a playgirl. but she's completely the opposite!! simple lang sya but at times fashionista, hindi magimmick at take note, relihiyosa sya. wala talaga sa itsura pero totoo. hehe. good catch guys!! she is single and dating. sya din ang pinakamalambing magsabi ng "miss ruth"

OTH yes, Oth talaga name nya. when asked why such name? ang sagot lang nya "hindi ko alam sa nanay ko.." usually quiet lang sya sa office. but given the chance na dumaldal? naku, suko ako. nakakatulili. pero yung pagkamadaldal naman nya napapakinabangan nya when it comes to her callouts - nakakaclose ng sale. hehe. she's the only member of my team who rarely goes to company events or parties. i duno why, may iba yatang pinagkakaabalahan. boys? kidding! she is also the "ate" of the group.

LEA tahimik kung tahimik. minsan nga sa sobra nyang pagkatahimik, hindi ko na nafi-feel presence nya. naturally shy kasi sya. she has a selected group of friends but she really is nice and approachable. ang project ko nga sa kanya, if there is anything that has something to do with mingling or interacting with other groups, sya palagi ko she'll come out of her shell na.

POCHOLO ang anak kong pinakabolero. "pocholo, will you render OT?" once i ask this, ayan na. umpisa na ang pambobola. aything to get away with OT. well actually, he doesn't really need the extra money. rich kid kasi. conio pa. that's why he's often misunderstood as mayabang or maangas. but he's not. good boy and behaved na yan. unlike before, madalas kong pagalitan kasi palaging petix and palaging noisy. always on the dot sa uwian. hehe.

CEL partner in crime ni pocholo. lahat na ng kalokohan and kakulitan alam. alaskador ng team. minsan nagsusumbong na ang mga girls ko dahil pikon na sa kanya. makulit lang talaga. cel also seats the nearest to my table kaya sya usually nauutusan or nabibigyan ko ng extra tasks. okay lang din sa kanya. pambawi yata pag hindi sya nakakaquota. thanks to him kasi automatic magpapatawa yan pag nafeel nyang mainit ang ulo ko or pag nasestress na ko. and sometimes, that's just what i need!

SHEENA she is one of the crush ng bayan. has the looks of a model. ang dami na kayang tumawag sa local ko just to ask for her name and number. alam kasi nila she's under me. anyway, she's one girl na kahit na madami nang nagcocompliment sa kanya, ayaw pa din nya i-admit na maganda sya. ahsus. she's very dedicated to her work. sheena is also the perfect example of "grace under pressure".

MENG she's the only member of my team who's married, with two kids. married young pero happy pa din sila ng hubby nya til now. she's one of the seniors of my team. and napaka-predictable nyan. when she calls, i know it's to inform me that she'll be on sick leave...oh yes...lahat na yata ng leaves namaximize. sick leave, emergency leave, maternity leave. hindi na sya nakacomplete ng 1 buwan. topnotcher when it comes to absence. yikes. but when she is present, work naman talaga. pepetix lang yan pag quota na. and when i'm not around, she looks over the team.

NICA she is the most bungisngis and the most transparent. i would know when to leave her alone or when i can make her kulit. before she worked for hsbc, she was a preschool teacher. teaching is her passion and i know that given the chance, she'll go back to teaching. and and and - she can dance!!! halos lahat na yata ng company events nagperform sya. nica is a sucker for love. usually she asks for my advice in the love department...i hope she finds her prince charming na.

MEOS ang katangi-tangi kong anak na pagdating sa time-in ay binabantayan ko everyday. she is almost always late. ilang beses na nga kami nakipagbonding with HR due to her repeated tardiness. sikat na kaming dalawa sa HR. i know she's exerting extra effort everyday to come in early. she lives far north kasi, sana maging friends na sila ng time. meos is kinda makulit. makulit kasi ang dami nyang tanung on her callout projects. intelligent questions naman lahat, the kind that gets me thinking as well. she is charming and has this distinct laugh - matinis na parang puppy na umiiyak.

so there goes...each with unique qualities i learned to love and accept. this blog entry is lovingly dedicated to them. i am really thankful for having you guys!! having you for a team makes work fun, happy and fulfilling. through highs and lows... we're all in this together.

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- A n g e l - said...

Huwow naman! Ruth Ann little motley crew. Woohoo!

Krishna - Riyadh said...

Parang yum yum si cel hahahha! Omigawd!!!