Tuesday, February 26, 2008

heyfi bortdi to me!

i'm now 28 and nothing has changed. i still feel like i'm fresh out of college!! why not, libre naman ang magfeeling. hindi ko na yata maalis sa'kin yun...pano naman kasi, sa office, i'm surrounded with new grads at kung meron mang almost my age, lahat kami batang isip pa din! =D but still...i'm really grateful for i have the best bunch of friends!
ang haba ng celebration ko! =)

23-24 feb weekend getaway in tagaytay with hsbc buddies. poala, tala, fritzie, jeriz and rye. kakatuwa kasi subic-and-baguio-in-one trip ang nangyari. swim and cold climate. talk about bonding time. i'm oh so sure that i gained a few more pounds during this trip... =C puro kain lang ang ginawa namin. aside from videoke and kwentuhan of course. si fritzie ang master chef, kami ni poala ang assigned sa pag-ihaw ng liempo and tilapia. sunog ang isang strip ng liempo. hehe. we also visited Pink Sisters. starbucks din before heading back to manila.
Villa Apolinario is a nice place to stay in Tagaytay. it's just 1k per head for 24 hours with use of all facilities. may disclaimer nga lang. walang hot water. take note. no hot water in tagaytay. kumusta naman yun. syempre hindi nakaligtas sa'kin yun. i gave feedback to the owner."we'll do something about it." asahan ko yan.

25 Feb - my big day!

ang maswerteng achie at tina lang ang nakatikim ng famous fettucine ni mother at turbo chicken ni papa. =D sayang hindi nakapunta si maila at mareng milc. si larry nagpunta din. sad to say, he was there but i didn't feel his presence......toxic with work? lack of sleep? i don't know. i mean, it is my birthday. it's just once a year. i thought yung pagpunta nya sa house will be the highlight of my celeb. but sadly, it was not...i was not expecting anything or something grand from him.

i'm not materialistic.

i'm sentimental....i keep memories.
simple gestures, sweet words will mean a lot.

thank you mom, dad, ate and bunsoy, dear dear friends, DATI kong boys, acquaintances, officemates, etc for making my birthday extra special.

for remembering, for the greetings, for the kantyaw ng libre and most of all your presence.

i know i'm special.

i know i'm cared for.

i know i'm loved. =D

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


yikes! di ko napansin i haven't been blogging. =)

toxic with work.....!!! meetings. training newbies. attachments. strategies. appraisal.
i will handle personal loans for the whole year and whattapressure.
i welcome the change!!! hehe.
i'm so happy holiday birthday ko. as always. =)
love it! at syempre hindi pwedeng nakatengga lang sa bahay.

...and i just can't wait for my Tagaytay overnight with girlfwends.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

what the....?!

when i got back from my annual physical exam at healthway medical clinic on 31 january, found this posted on my workstation.
happy 6th anniversary ruth!! from team anna.. you are our idol!
hindi ko alam kung matutuwa ba ako o maiiyak. hehehe. yung magaling kong officemate na si jersh ang may pakana nito. in a way, touched naman ako at naalala nila. but hey! don't rub it in!!yes, 6 years na ako sa hsbc...migolly.